Activation mode Write without excuses

First let me tell you that,you know if I get a rand/dollar every time I think about writing ,I am sure I would be rich by now.and am sure you thinking the same too.

Just because I couldn’t write a book doesn’t mean that you have to wake up lazy around ,with that expensive specs you wearing,to help you  read other people stories.One day you’ll be reading your own story,because you were lazy to use your mind.Stop waiting for someone to write your story,stop saying,”I don’t have resources”..I come from villages,rural areas where technology is not advances and our generation and community as a whole is not exposed to many things.,But I found a way to share my story.Soo please enough with your excuses about printer,computer etc.Get a pen n paper and start writing if that’s what it  Myles Monroe said “We not Poor,we poor in thinking”.


#4 Activation Mode (The joyful Mood)

What a Wonderful Morning Beautiful people,aaaaw!..what’s with the sad face?,frowning,…Still need more sleep?.Don’t worry the weekend is just around the corner,Here is an advice,You know how you aanoyed by the youngsters next door playing loud music?..Today is your day.You know those speakers,and Radio in your dining room that you never use,..yeah! talking about that!..those once!…that look like part of decor….They are not for decoration,!!!!..Now you know..take your phone,plug in the speakers,connect,Scroll to your playlist and pick that song you love so much but never got the time to play it!.Volume up,set it on repeat,now go to your shower/bath And get ready for work….just go with the flow,Sing along in the shower,and dance if you can,who cares?!..Take the soap/toothbrush use it as a mic ,pretend like you are on a stage performing!!…and trust me!! one can break that kind of mood today,and I say no one,grab an apple and bounce to work..stop being so serious!!!!!!Be joyful,


Have a little smile before bed

Finding it hard to sleep?you dressing over that job? Because your Boss can’t notice the work you’re doing.this night Put a kettle on,Take a cup of hot water with lemon,take a sip while counting or naming all the good things you have done….When you’re done Start thinking about,how you going to work differently tommorow,Dress like its your first day at work,or you trying to impress your crush.Am sure now you remember your crush…Smile because I am.and I know you are too..Stop making things hard for yourself,Put a smile on your face it makes your skin looks younger and attractive.. Go to bed and stream some stand up comedies,and just have some lugh.And forget about Your serious Boss at work.


The Night

There is more out there than the ceiling and T.V you stare at every night.

As I was sitting in front of blank  screen TV staring at a space with the window next to me open so wide I could see the last floor on the next flat.My roomie bathing ,she poured that lavender foam,smells soo nice..I bet she’s relaxed now inside.

But something is disturbing my peace,the breeze,..its the sound of the cars,smell of petrols,Loud music and too much noise.One would swear these people are deaf…but they are not.They just can’t see how beautiful they sky is..half moon today,clouds blending soo beautifully with the moon ,they make a wonderful piece of Art,But its God’s wonders,Fresh air,Not too cold just perfect..oooh!what’s that smell ??..did someone just burnt their Dinner???..Oh well!!!..

Just because my t.v is off …Soo i decided to relax my mind and listen to nature..Watching the Clouds and the moons Nothing but beautiful skies.Very relaxing


#3 Activation Mode( Be patient)

Great things take time.

Don’t give up all because its not working in your life.Don’t stop dreaming because nothing in your life has changed.

There is a reason you are still alive today.God loves you,He cares for you,..He gave you a purpose in life. Gift from God is something that no one can take from you.Remember where God says there is Holy ,The Devil can’t touch.The Christ that lives in me,is in you too..Believe and trust in God and all will be well.Learn to wait.

Not everything comes instantly. God has prepared much greater things for you… All you have to do,Is believe in him,Trust,Patient, Worship and praise his name,And just say “It is Well”.


#1 Activation Mode

You’re tired?

You’ve been failing the same class over and over again?

You failed your two interviews?

You cant get anything done?

You think you’re useless?

……Get up ,dust yourself,wash your face..put on something smart …and try again….

You did and it didnt work?…well try again!…dont give up

Did you know how many times Michael Jordan failed before he succeed?

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

– Michael Jordan

Get off that bed and …go nail that exam,job interview, with a smile on your face!!……..

# Believe in yourself..i believe in you!