The Night

There is more out there than the ceiling and T.V you stare at every night.

As I was sitting in front of blank  screen TV staring at a space with the window next to me open so wide I could see the last floor on the next flat.My roomie bathing ,she poured that lavender foam,smells soo nice..I bet she’s relaxed now inside.

But something is disturbing my peace,the breeze,..its the sound of the cars,smell of petrols,Loud music and too much noise.One would swear these people are deaf…but they are not.They just can’t see how beautiful they sky is..half moon today,clouds blending soo beautifully with the moon ,they make a wonderful piece of Art,But its God’s wonders,Fresh air,Not too cold just perfect..oooh!what’s that smell ??..did someone just burnt their Dinner???..Oh well!!!..

Just because my t.v is off …Soo i decided to relax my mind and listen to nature..Watching the Clouds and the moons Nothing but beautiful skies.Very relaxing


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