#4 Activation Mode (The joyful Mood)

What a Wonderful Morning Beautiful people,aaaaw!..what’s with the sad face?,frowning,…Still need more sleep?.Don’t worry the weekend is just around the corner,Here is an advice,You know how you aanoyed by the youngsters next door playing loud music?..Today is your day.You know those speakers,and Radio in your dining room that you never use,..yeah!..am talking about that!..those once!…that look like part of decor….They are not for decoration,!!!!..Now you know..take your phone,plug in the speakers,connect,Scroll to your playlist and pick that song you love so much but never got the time to play it!.Volume up,set it on repeat,now go to your shower/bath And get ready for work….just go with the flow,Sing along in the shower,and dance if you can,who cares?!..Take the soap/toothbrush use it as a mic ,pretend like you are on a stage performing!!…and trust me!!..no one can break that kind of mood today,and I say no one,grab an apple and bounce to work..stop being so serious!!!!!!Be joyful,


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