Prayer beats everything.

As a young broken girl who was soo in love with the guy of her dreams…never thought something like this could actually happen to someone like me…I remember it soo well…it was on Thursday morning woke up with a smile on my face…prayed soo hard to God for by that time my life was in a line where the words complicated’ couldn’t even start to describe it.I believe that God hears and he listens when we talk to him…he knows what we want before we ask…he knows what’s in our heart…the little that we pour our heart too when we talk to him…he hears it all.Prayer beats battles that we not meant to be in.prayer reveals all that were hidden.up until this day as I wait patiently ..I will kneel down and pray to God ,For the only man that I love please tell me if he’s the true one..For I can’t bare the pain he has started putting me through.My eyes have had it!…I’ve been wiping tears all my life ..the pain behind my smile is unbearable. Only God knows.


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